Woman Living in Canada Makes Movie about Italian Heritage

A new film, Terra Mia, is being screened as a part of Italian Week. Agata De Santis has put her fascination with the changing culture of the Italian-Canadian experience into a documentary for everyone to enjoy. Growing up in Montreal as a first-generation Italian-Canadian, she has been surrounded by the influential family culture that has been anchored by food. She agrees although food plays an essential part of their culture, it is really about keeping the family unit together as a whole. If you are considering relocating to Canada, contact Canadian Visa Professionals. Their team of experts will walk you through the steps of receiving the required visa to live and work in Canada.

TERRA MIA | Teaser #1

A scene from Agata De Santis' new documentary film, TERRA MIA. #terramia

Posted by Terra Mia on Wednesday, July 25, 2018

De Santis has been writing and producing films about her Italian community for years. In 2012, she started a site called Italocanadese.com, where she blogs about the Italian-Canadian experience reaching a younger audience. She wants to keep the culture alive in the modern era. Canadian Visa Professionals will make sure all applications going to the immigration authorities are complete and in the most accurate order. Contact them today!

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