Multicultural Crowds Celebrate Canada Day in Calgary

Canada Day

Canada Day brings out a multicultural crowd every year. The day not only celebrates the birth of the country but what the country stands for diversity and multiculturalism. Members of Canada’s military were in Calgary with interactive displays. Canadian Visa Professionals has a goal to help anyone wanting to relocate to Canada. They will walk with you through the process of immigration and make sure your applications are filled out correctly and submitted in a timely manner.

One veteran originally from Britain, Mike Burgess, said this day is a special one, and his home country doesn’t have a national day. Burgess said, “The first time I heard the words, ‘Thank you for your service,’ was in Canada.” The varying languages and accents you hear show it is a country with many immigrants. For Burgess, the day is a celebration of what Canada is; a melting pot of people.

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