Taking a Break: The Life of a Canadian Employee


Canada’s workforce is happier than America’s. It might seem crazy but it’s true. Americans, whether they want to admit it or not, are slaves to work. Many Americans work over the forty-hour-per-week mark while Canadians only average thirty-six to forty hours per week. At the same time, Americans also get less break time and vacation time overall. Canadian Visa Professionals can help make your work and home life balanced.

Time Off to Recharge

Canadian Visa Professionals can help you earn the time off that you deserve. Canadians are allotted a half-hour break per five hours worked while many Americans choose to be bound to their desks. When it comes to the larger breaks, such as full vacations, Canadians also benefit more than their American counterparts. Canadian companies typically start by offering employees approximately two weeks of vacation time from the start of their employment and by year five, they earn three weeks vacation time. Unfortunately, American companies do not value this vacation time as the Canadians do because they are not required to supply their employees with a specified amount of vacation time or any at all. While many companies still do offer vacation time, not all employees opt to take it. This is mostly because leaving their jobs behind and coming back to work piled up is far more stressful than not taking a vacation in the first place.

Bonding with Your Babies

New parents in Canada also benefit. They get fifteen weeks off from work to spend with their new babies. This allows mothers to bond with their babies and the family to settle in. Americans, on the other hand, are not offered a specific amount of paid leave. Instead, the government leaves it up to employers to decide, which typically doesn’t benefit employees. Contacting Canadian Visa Professionals can help you ensure that your family comes first when you apply for a visa to work in Canada.

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