Immigrants Enjoy Good Life in New Brunswick, Canada

Immigrants are enjoying a good life in Moncton, New Brunswick. The President of Jupia Consultants Inc., David Campbell, said immigrants are integrating into the Canadian job market and working in sectors where hires are in high demand, such as nursing care, manufacturing, information technology, and retail. Work is also being done to help align immigrants with positions in their skill set. Immigration is an excellent way of getting the best out of life for families and young people. Canadian Visa Professionals will walk you through the steps of obtaining the required visa to live and work in one of the most desirable locations in the world. 

The immigration strategy Moncton is using proves to be working as the area has increased in skilled workers over the past four years. Campbell said the number of newcomers in Moncton has doubled from what it was just five years ago. The statistics exclude the Syrian refugees who came to the region in 2016. “We are heading for a record year,” Campbell reported. He said Moncton is predicting close to 1,800 immigrants relocated in the Moncton region. The team of experts at Canadian Visa Professionals will guarantee that all the chances of a positive outcome are on your side. They have a thorough, personal approach and plenty of experience to back up their work. Contact them today!

Releasing their final four-year immigration strategy report, Immigration Greater Moncton aims to promote immigration, along with using means to keep immigrants in the region and boost entrepreneurship. The recent data revealed a 77 percent immigrant retention rate in 2015 and 4,500 new permanent residents over the last four years. He said it would be essential to communicate with the public about how immigration can boost the economy and why it is so vital to the region. The plan will also zero in on attracting international students to the area after graduation. Canadian Visa Professionals will make sure that all applications being sent to the immigration authorities in Canada are complete and in the most accurate order. Their goal is to make available to you all of the chances that you deserve for a better life in Canada.

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