Optician Living in Canada Helps the Needy in Kenya

Dr. Bryan Todd and another optician from Ontario will be taking a trip to Kenya to offer services. This is his third trip volunteering to underdeveloped countries. He traveled to Belize in 2004 and Malawi in 2016. Dr. Todd said those who live in extreme poverty and can’t see well do not have the opportunity to better themselves. He is aware that when people put on glasses for the first time and can see clearly, they have a chance to better themselves. If you are considering relocating for a better opportunity at life, contact Canada Immigration Express. Their team will walk you through the steps of immigration.

Dr. Todd will be taking 1,500 pairs of eyeglasses, all donated from the residents of Sudbury, to a children’s home in Nairobi. He will perform vision assessments and distribute the glasses to those in need. He says these trips make you aware of the things in life you take for granted. The Canada Immigration Express team can help you apply for the required visa needed to live and work in Canada. You will love your new life in this welcoming country. Contact them today!

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