U.S. Couple Moves to Halifax after Trump Wins Election

The Vargas family moved from Charleston, S.C. in the U.S. to Halifax right after Donald Trump was elected the president of the U.S. Although they have been in Canada for a few years now, the reality of their move still hits them from time to time.

Politics and More

Although the election was the final straw for the Vargas family, there was more to their decision than that. They wanted an adventure and had talked about moving for a while. Thanks to the help of a company like Canadian Visa Professionals, they are now living in Canada and have permanent residency.


The Move

After moving, their days were spent trying to register their car, get health cards, and set up their home. They met many people after their move who helped them, and who have since turned into friends that will last for a lifetime. This friendly attitude of Canadians is quoted as one of the reasons why many people contact Canadian Visa Professionals for help moving to Canada.


Both of the Vargas parents have job interviews lined up and have been working hard to secure full-time employment. They are optimistic about their situation and are looking forward to applying for Canadian citizenship in three years time. Even if a different U.S. president is elected, they are committed to living in Canada, as they love the people, government, and society.

Thanks to the help of companies like Canadian Visa Professionals, more and more people are able to make the move to Canada, helping them fulfill their dream of living in a supportive and loving country.

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