Immigrants Share Thoughts about Receiving Canadian Citizenship

Gaining citizenship to Canada has made Alice Park, 13, feel like she is part of the family.

She had a hard time relocating to a new country with a new language, new food, and new people. She started making friends and felt much better. Her goal is to study to become a surgeon.  Canada has become one of the most desirable immigration locations around the globe. 

Rajeev Goen said the culture, diversity, and openness of Canada convinced him to relocate here with his family in 2008. Now his children are attending university and he wants them to have a future in the country. He pursued his citizenship to advance his career and be able to contribute to Canada’s economic growth. He has been working for a multinational corporation while living in Canada.

Canadian Visa Professionals will make sure your application going to the immigration authorities in Canada is completed correctly. We are here to make sure that you have all the chances you deserve to begin a new life in Canada as quickly as possible. 


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