Five of the Best Nations in the World for Working Parents

working parents

Some countries are a perfect fit for working parents and offer them valuable support. Canadian Visa Professionals said these provisions thereby help to make their lives easier.

One of the best countries in the world for working parents is Iceland. This statement is according to Bloomberg’s recent report. The report studied the impact of policies in nations on the quality and affordability of child care for working parents.

Bloomberg reported that Iceland spends more of its gross domestic product on early childhood education and care than other wealthy nations.

Details about the Other Great Countries for Working Parents

Other top nations for working parents are Estonia, Germany, Canada and New Zealand. Canadian Visa Professionals stated that these countries ease the financial burden on working parents.

In Estonia, children between 18 months and 7 years are assured of a spot in a childcare institution. German children, on the other hand, get a spot through elementary school. This happens via Germany’s “kita” childcare programs. These programs are reported to be free in some cities.

New Zealand is an exception when it comes to early childhood education programs. This is because these programs are expensive for parents. The country, however, ranks high in Bloomberg’s report for various reasons, such as the high quality of the programs and a shrinking gender pay gap. The pay gap is said to benefit working mothers in a significant way.


Canada – A Great Nation for Working Parents

In 2021, Canada dedicated $22 billion for the next five years to reduce early education and childcare costs. This strategy helps to reduce the financial burden on working parents. Canadian Visa Professionals said Canada is thus a perfect place for working parents.

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