Canada’s Welfare Programs

There are so many government benefits available to both Canadian citizens and immigrants alike. Some of these welfare programs benefit low-income individuals, and some are available to everyone. The Canadian government offers these programs to take care of their people. If you want to live in a country where the government cares about you and enacts programs to help take care of you, Canadian Visa Professionals can help you through the immigration process for Canada!

Health Care

Free health care is one of the most well-known benefits available to all permanent residents and citizens of Canada. This country boasts some of the best doctors and hospitals in the world. Most health care costs are covered for individuals registered for the national health insurance program.


Similarly, Canadian education is free for all students up to twelfth grade. This is great for low-income people as well as others who want to take advantage of Canada’s excellent education. When you move to Canada with the assistance of Canadian Visa Professionals, you will be able to enroll your children in their appropriate grade as soon as possible.

Other Welfare Services

In addition to health care and education, the Canadian government offers some other welfare benefits as well. These include wages after you have been laid off, retirement pensions, old age pensions, the social welfare allowance, and an allowance for raising your children. These last two are determined by income, but the others are entitlements for all citizens.

Canada takes care of its residents and citizens, as evidenced by their many welfare programs. If this is the type of place you would love to live in, let Canadian Visa Professionals walk you through the simple immigration process.

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