Nova Scotia University Sees Spike in Foreign Student Enrolment 

Residents of Sydney, Nova Scotia, are seeing an influx of people in their community like never before. When passing a bus stop, there may be 10 to 20 people waiting. The majority of these newcomers are international students studying at Cape Breton University.

This small regional school has now become a growing center for international education. The explosive growing trend has caused a major housing shortage and forced CBU to purchase the town additional buses. The leadership at the university is on the hunt for additional classroom space and more professors to accommodate the increased student body. If you are thinking about pursuing higher education in Canada, contact Canadian Visa Professionals today. They will help you obtain the required visa to live and study in Canada as a permanent resident. 

CBU has experienced a threefold increase in international students in a two-year time frame. Now two-thirds of the students are from overseas, making them a super-majority. Canadian Visa Professionals will walk you through the steps of immigration. Contact them today to make your dream become a reality.

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