Canadian Job Opportunities for Registered Nurses

There are several qualified job positions available in Canada without enough skilled labor to fill them. Indeed released a recent report which identified these mismatched positions which either have too many applicants or not enough. Indeed economist Brendon Bernard, writer of the current report, found that in 2018 positions in health care, retail, and technology topped the list of positions with the fewest applicants per Canadian job post on the site. If you are looking for job opportunities in Canada, contact CanadianVP. Their team can walk you through the immigration steps and help you apply for the required visa to live and work in Canada. 

The number one Canadian job with the fewest applicants per post is registered nurse. The aging population in Canada plays a significant factor in the need for people in the health sector. The director of administration for the Canadian Health Care Agency, Kathy Himmelman, said the population of Canada is aging, so the demand is rising for nurses. Himmelman said she doesn’t think there is enough talent entering the field to keep up with the major demand. CanadianVP will walk you through the steps to apply for a visa. Contact them today!

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